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What do Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, John Cusack and the Blues Brothers have in common? Besides immeasurable fame, each of these celebrities has at one point called Illinois home. What’s that you say? You have, too? Believe it or not, being from the Prairie State has more benefits than Chicago-style pizza and the occasional tornado. Just by being from Illinois, you qualify for a number of Illinois scholarships that can help pay for your college education.

Boasting the country’s third most populous city, a colorful jazz and blues history and a total of 879 public school districts, Illinois is known as a burgeoning state of diversity and culture. But did you know that as a resident of the Prairie State, you have access to a lot of Illinois scholarships and grants offered by Illinois-based organizations? Here at Cappex, we’ve done all the searching for you. Take some time to browse through our scholarships database and look at our list of Illinois scholarships. We’ve done our best to make it easy for you to find help paying for college. You can even apply for Illinois scholarships directly through Cappex!

Illinois is said to be the most demographically diverse state in the Midwest, so it’s no wonder that a good number of Illinois scholarships in our database are ethnicity-specific. Here are a few examples:

There are also a multitude of grants and scholarships available to Illinois residents that cater to students of particular extracurricular interests, or students with connections to certain organizations.

  • The Chicago FM Club Scholarship is a $500 Illinois scholarship created for students with a Technician-class or higher radio license who are currently enrolled in a two- or four-year college.
  • The Illinois American Legion Scholarship is an Illinois Scholarship intended for children or grandchildren of the American Legion. The award is worth $1,000, and financial need is considered in the selection process.
  • The Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship is a renewable Illinois scholarship for golf caddies who have an excellent caddie record, who attend specific schools in Illinois and who have shown outstanding character.

And this is only the beginning—check out our scholarships database for a full list of Illinois scholarships! It’s totally free and we update it regularly.

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