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Computer Science Scholarships

If you’re interested in pursuing an education in computer science, you’re not alone. According to one study, the number of computer science majors in the U.S. has increased dramatically since 2008. And why shouldn’t it? Computer science is a major that can open a lot of doors for you as a college graduate. But before you can show off your Java skills, you’re going to have to earn your computer science degree. Unfortunately, many students feel that the cost of pursuing their programming dreams is a bit high. Don’t worry, we understand, and we’ve got good news. With technology becoming such an integral part of our lives, people who can understand and work with computers are in high demand, and there are many organizations who want to help you become one by awarding you with scholarships. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the cost of tuition, room and board, books, meal plans, and everything else that comes with pursuing higher education, never fear! Cappex is here, and we can help.

The key to winning a lot of scholarships is to apply to those computer science scholarships that cater to students with your unique qualities. Use your hobbies, interests, goals and quirks to pay for your education. If you’re reading this page, you’re probably intending to be a CS major or are one already, but think about what else sets you apart. Are you left-handed? Do you love to write? Are you going to use your computer science degree to pursue a health-related profession? Keep all these qualities in mind, and you’ll find that there are computer science scholarships out there that were designed specifically for you.

Live in Washington D.C.? Awesome. You qualify for the Washington Gas Scholarship. Do you have an amateur radio license? Great! Apply for the Irvine W. Cook WAoCGS Scholarship.

Prefer video games to X-rays? The Official Penny Arcade Scholarship is a computer science scholarship intended for students who plan on working in the game industry, and offers recipients a handsome $10,000 to help defray the cost of tuition.

Here at Cappex, we’ve done all the searching for you. Take some time to browse through our list of computer science scholarships. We’ve done our best to make it easy for you to find help paying for college. You can even apply for scholarships directly through Cappex! Here are a few more examples of computer science scholarships to get you started on your search:

  • The CERT Scholars Fund: These computer science scholarships offer an average award of $750, and are intended for students who are a members of an American Indian tribe and who plan on majoring in computer science or one of a few other select areas.
  • The Microsoft Corp. Scholarship: If you are female, have a GPA of at least 3.5, and are currently enrolled in a CSAB-accredited computer science program, you qualify to apply for one of these $1,000 computer science scholarships.
  • The National Federation of the Blind Computer Science Scholarship: This is a $3,000 computer science scholarship for students who are legally blind. Selection is also based on academics, community service and financial need.

And this is only the beginning—check out our scholarships database for a full list of computer science scholarships!

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