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A successful college and scholarship search for every first generation and underrepresented student

College Greenlight is a totally free resource for any traditionally underrepresented student who is serious about getting into and thriving at their perfect college. We help students discover, research, and build relationships with the colleges and universities that will allow them to succeed. And because every hard-working student deserves access to a wide variety of financial resources, we've built an easily searchable database filled with thousands of scholarships, grants, and merit-aid opportunities. Our students receive a customized list of the awards best suited to their academic, social, and community accomplishments.

We also serve the counselors, teachers, and community-based organizations who have given their time and expertise to empower these students. We have developed a host of tools for these college access professionals to help them track their students' progress to and through college. College Greenlight maintains a meaningful relationship with our users through an active network of publishing, blogging, newsletter correspondence, and social media.

College Greenlight is a service provided by Cappex, a leading college search website that has a working relationship with hundreds of colleges and years of experience helping students achieve their dreams.