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About the Youth Ministry Major

If you enjoy working with young people and wish to pursue a career as a religious leader, a degree in youth ministry might be for you. Not only will you get to utilize your public speaking skills, you will also get to study the Bible in-depth while spreading the word of God to today's youth.

The youth ministry major focuses on preparing students to become ordained youth ministers or priests of the Christian faith. Curriculum for this major generally includes topics such as church history, Christian ethics, church organization and management, evangelism, and homiletics (preaching). Degrees are usually offered at the graduate level.

Many courses are held in typical classroom settings, though some may require observations, interviews, or engagement in research. Some courses will likely entail visiting local worship centers of various faiths. Fieldwork, including service learning opportunities, is often available with most programs. 

Career opportunities are available in a number of areas for students graduating with a youth ministry degree. Employment is possible as an elementary, middle school, or high school teacher, a nun, a monk, a minster, a therapist, or a rabbi.
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