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The wildlife biology major is for all those kids who preferred spending time in the forest than inside playing video games. The degree focuses on biological principles and their applications in the study of wildlife habitats and vertebrate wildlife and their ecosystems. The program teaches students more about adaptational biology, animal ecology, limnology and natural/artificial habitat management. It also allows you to specialize in specific fields like ornithology, herpetology, mammalogy, ichthyology, and more.

By studying about wildlife biology, you will learn about the different ecosystems and how animals survive in that particular environment. The major incorporates field experience with classroom education and extensive laboratory work which will allow you to better understand a cross-section of disciplines which include psychology, ecology, and biology.

Wildlife biology majors have multiple career options which involve the maintenance and care of animals and their ecosystems. They're often employed by federal, local or state government conservation bodies. Your skills, knowledge, and experience will be put to excellent use as you ensure the cleanliness and safety of wildlife reserves and parks. However, you may also be hired by private firms which are mostly involved in land development projects.

Keep in mind that securing an internship to gain practical experience is crucial to finding a permanent job. But with more interest in conserving animals and their habitats, more opportunities may arise in the future.  
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