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Web and digital media design is often considered an interdisciplinary major because it combines technical aspects of a computer science major with creative aspects of an art major, and sometimes even technical elements of a communications major. Students in this major study the ins and outs of website design and other forms of digital design, such as applications and video games, where they learn about how to create and maintain websites and applications, interface usability, and how to maximize the effects that websites and applications have on society.

Students graduate prepared for careers as web designers or developers, game or multimedia developers, photographers, illustrators, animators, or production designers, just to name a few.

Web and digital design majors explore a combination of technical areas in the computer science realm -- such as computer programming, web and software development, network administration and management, and human computer interaction -- and creative areas in the artistic realm -- such as website design, multimedia production, media arts, game design, mobile design, and 2D and 3D modeling, design, and animation. Students often learn by working with real-world multimedia web-based problems and projects. During their studies, web and digital design majors will develop skills that very applicable in the workplace, such as concept generation, creative problem solving, aesthetics, and advanced technical skills.

Some schools give students the opportunity to focus their studies through concentrations or specializations within the general web or digital design program, such as business, marketing and advertising, education, information technology and networking, or design and art.

Most web and digital design majors pursue a four-year degree. There are, however, certificate and two-year degree programs available.
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