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As kids, most of us dreamed about becoming veterinarians so we could play with cute baby animals all day long. But when it comes down to majoring in veterinary sciences, few of us actually go through with it. Are you one of the few whose desire to be a vet makes it past childhood?

The veterinary sciences or veterinary clinical sciences major allows you to pursue a career working with animals without choosing a speciality. That means you'll learn about the anatomy and treatment of large and small animals, cardiology, anesthesiology, and surgery. Some people eventually choose to specialize in working with small household pets, large exotic animals, or equine health.

Veterinarians spend their workdays examining animals to determine health issues, treating wounds, performing surgery, conducting diagnostic tests, vaccinating, and prescribing medicine. However, this career isn't ideal for those who don't want to interact with people throughout the day - most vets come into contact with grieving, nervous, or anxious animal owners, and they must know how to cope with these situations and make these individuals feel comfortable.

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