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About the Spanish Language and Literature Major

With over 329 million native speakers, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. For this reason, fluency in Spanish is very useful in various professions, and students who choose it as a major find many opportunities after graduation. Spanish language and literature majors learn to speak, write, and read in Spanish; to interpret and analyze texts; and also all about Spanish culture and history. You'll graduate with an enriched worldview, ready for careers in international business, nonprofit, communications, education, and travel and tourism. If an advanced degree is part of your plan, you will be prepared for graduate studies in Spanish or professional studies including law, education, business, and technology.  

Spanish language and literature courses are both speaking- and writing-intensive to help students develop fluency in the language and an understanding of Spanish literature. Students are introduced to cultural topics in history, politics, society, arts, and film and can expect to complete Spanish language classes from the immediate to advanced levels that emphasize conversational speaking skills. The language is diverse, so students will learn to distinguish among many regional dialects. Students who would like to become Spanish educators must obtain teacher certification in the subject by completing a sequence of certification courses in addition to bilingual certification.

As with any foreign language degree program, students are strongly encouraged to immerse themselves in cultural activities. Participating in study abroad is one way that many students choose to expand their cultural knowledge of Spanish-speaking societies. The most popular study abroad destinations for college students include Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Chile.  

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