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About the Sociology Major

Sociology is the study of human social behavior and relationships. Sociologists seek to discover the broad patterns of the interaction of social life that influence individual and collective human behaviors.

If you major in sociology, you'll learn about how groups, organizations, and societies are structured. You will research people's activities and the groups they form in social, religious, economic, and political spheres. Course work covers topics such as family structures, religions, subcultures, race, social classes, sex and gender, health, and crime and violence. You will design research projects that utilize sociological research methods including comparative analysis, observation techniques, and data collection. These research projects will help explain social trends, assist educators and lawmakers, and aid in the formation of public policy.

Sociology offers students preparation for fields that involve analytical and investigative skills and a global perspective. A variety of career options are available to sociology graduates including positions in public administration, politics, research, business, criminal justice, communications and media, or marketing. You will also be prepared to pursue advanced degrees in law, business, education, healthcare and medicine, social work, or counseling, among many other areas.

Depending on your career goals, you may wish to obtain a bachelor's degree in sociology with a concentration in a specific area, such as society and law or social inequalities. A master's degree in sociology could provide you with the needed skills for a more advanced job in the counseling and teaching fields. A master's degree may also serve as preparation for a Ph.D. program in sociology, in which you can acquire advanced skills in theoretical analysis and research methodology.

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