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While some education majors are interested in teaching younger kids, others might be intrigued by the opportunity to shape the minds of older students who are on the cusp of entering college and the workforce. Secondary education majors learn to teach general education or specific areas at the high school level. Depending on the district, this could range from seventh, eighth, or ninth grade all the way through twelfth grade.

Secondary education and teaching majors study the general principles of teaching high schoolers, including teaching strategies, classroom management techniques, and general pedagogy. Instruction also covers areas related to psychology and development of teenagers. Coursework typically also includes instruction for the specific subjects you want to teach.

Courses are held in various settings. Most take place in a typical classroom, but some require you to observe, interview, or engage with current teachers or students of the age and subject area you're studying. Most programs conclude with a student teaching practicum, in which secondary education and teaching majors engage in fieldwork, functioning as classroom teachers.

Students who graduate with a secondary education teaching degree typically use their education to work in the field of secondary school teaching. Graduate school opportunities also exist in the areas of secondary education teaching and other related areas, such as educational administration and leadership.
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