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Music is the world's one universal language of the world. If you have a hard time imagining yourself working a typical office job without the opportunity to play around with different tracks, hear artists in action, and make songs your own, majoring in recording arts might be your dream career.

Most people enter a recording arts technology major with a good ear for music - most are already musicians in some capacity and have the ability to know why something does or doesn't sound good. However, you'll also need to be great with computers and electronics, as that's how most music is recorded and edited now.

Once you start college, you'll spend some of your time studying the technical side of the recording arts. You will learn the fundamentals of audio and music and will learn how to work with multi-tracks, microphones, equalizers, and amplifiers. You also learn the basics of managing a studio, how to work with analog and digital recordings, and music theory.

Some of your work will be classroom based, but a lot will involve working in the studio to give you hands-on experience. If you can get an internship at a recording studio, you'll have even more of a background to give your resume a boost after graduation.

Many recording arts technology graduates go on to work for recording studios, the film industry, post-production facilities, or TV networks.

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