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Real estate plays a major role in our lives whether we realize it or not. It affects where we live, where we work, and where we go in our leisure time. Arguably, most aspects of our daily life are in some way impacted by the buildings in our city.

Real estate majors take college courses that cover topics in business, accounting, and economics. They also have to practice their communication skills, sales pitches, and ability to understand what their clients really want. You may have the opportunity to specialize in a specific area if you choose - do development, construction management, or international real estate strike your fancy?

With a real estate degree, you'll have multiple career paths to pursue. Depending on your specialty or area of interest, you could work in the commercial or residential real estate. You could work as a realtor, broker, title insurance officer, escrow officer, or property appraiser. Some graduates work for large real estate companies, while others launch their own businesses.

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