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About the Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication Major

Growing up, did anyone ever tell you that you have the power of persuasion on your side? Public relations, advertising, and applied communication is a general program that focuses on organizational communication, public relations, and advertising. It prepares students for a wide range of positions in the public and private sectors that most definitely require persuasive communications. Principles and techniques of persuasion are taught in the form of both verbal and written communication. Some areas of study include public relations, advertising theory, message/image design, marketing strategy, digital communication, and applied research. 

Public speaking and communication theory will also be a major topic covered under this major. Students will learn how to speak and present information in a timely and professional manner. It is not only about being comfortable speaking in front of people; it is about learning when and when not to speak and knowing how to formulate the message one wants to get across. Students will learn to effectively communicate ideas and information to both business and consumer audiences. If you are an action-seeking individual, advertising and public relations may be you, since concentrations evolve so quickly. 

Blending together communication, public relations, and marketing strategies results in a new field of study called integrated marketing communications, which means keeping brand messaging relevant and consistent over time with the use of many necessary promotional methods. Students will learn how to build brands and effect attitudes towards those brands. Overall, this plethora of knowledge provides students with a "toolbox" filled with skills obtained from multiple different fields of study, including PR, advertising, marketing, social media, etc. It is useful to understand integrated marketing communication because it encapsulates most, if not all, of the areas of study within this program.

Students pursing this major will be well rounded and well qualified for many jobs post-graduation. Some positions students land after obtaining their bachelor's in the field include communications specialist, corporate communications, public relations specialist, communication director, marketing communication manager, and copywriter.

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