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Psychology, the study of the human mind and human behavior, is the third most popular major chosen by students on Cappex, which is not too surprising considering how versatile of a major it actually is. According to the College Majors Handbook, less than 25 percent of psychology majors actually work in a job that is closely related to the field of psychology. The other 75 percent find that the skills, knowledge, and experience they garner as psychology majors are applicable across a number of industries, including management, sales, social work, business, marketing, and administration.

Those interested in becoming licensed psychologists, however, need to pursue a graduate-level education and would of course benefit from the solid foundation an undergraduate psychology degree provides.

Psychology majors take classes that explore the inner workings of the human mind and human behavior. They study topics such as human emotion, personality, decision-making, behavior, and interaction. As a result, psychology majors graduate with a well-rounded set of skills and knowledge, most of which are very useful in the real world, such as problem-solving, effective communication and critical thinking skills, perception and sensitivity, and knowledge and understanding of social behavior and human development.

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