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In a way, psychoanalysts/psychotherapists are like detectives. They search out repressed emotions and experiences from their patients, and try to make sense of them. If solving the mystery of the human mind sounds appealing, this may just be the major for you.

To become a psychotherapist or psychoanalyst, you will most likely need to get a Master's Degree or Ph.D. But as an undergraduate, your coursework will mainly revolve around psychology. You may take classes such as abnormal psychology, cognitive psychology and developmental psychology.

While many people who complete this program take their career clinical route, that is not your only option. A psychoanalyst/psychotherapist may become a corporate consultant, to help employees deal with things such as changes in the corporate environment or structure. You may also find a career in publishing. Psychoanalysts/psychotherapists may offer insight into minds of historical figures by writing books. 
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