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Have you watched courtroom dramas and dreamed of being a part of the action you see onscreen? Majoring in pre-law might be right up your alley if you're passionate about law and want to pursue a career in the field.

Getting a pre-law major exposes you to the basics of U.S. law and gives you a solid foundation you'll find useful once you start your law school education. You'll not only learn more about the American legal system, but take courses that require extensive reading and writing. It's also possible your school will require you to take classes in social sciences and the humanities to round out your education and ensure your communication and comprehension skills are top notch.

Keep in mind you don't need to be a pre-law major to be a lawyer. Plenty of attorneys have degrees in the sciences, humanities, or even math. Most law schools don't require you to major in pre-law before getting a law degree.  
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