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Do you want to better understand how medicine can heal the human body? Majoring in pre-pharmacy may be a great way for you to get into the health care field and learn more about the drugs Americans take to manage illnesses.

The pre-pharmacy program prepares students for admission to pharmacy school. It allows you to gain an understanding of some of the requirements of working as a pharmacist before fully committing to a pharmacy degree.

Curriculum varies, but students generally study biology, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and physics. You'll also receive some training in statistics, microbiology, and calculus. These courses will prepare you for the challenging coursework required to get your pharmacy degree down the line.

Once students complete their pre-pharmacy degree, they are eligible to sit for the pharmacy college admissions tests. However, not all students end up going into pharmacy. Some work in other areas of health care, while others change majors and pursue subjects like chemistry, biology, or nursing.

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