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About the Philosophy Major

What is the nature of reality? What makes actions moral or immoral? Is there a god? What are the principles of reasoning? Do we have free will? To study philosophy is to explore problems like these; the most fundamental and general problems of the human existence. These problems don't necessarily have any right answers to be found; instead, philosophy majors learn the scope of possible answers and the reasoning behind them. They then take that information and use it to responsibly form their own views and opinions on these issues and develop the ability to argue their stance. Students study both ancient and modern philosophy, including the work of renowned philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, Confucius, and Descartes.

There are very few careers that a philosophy degree gives you specific training for; however, the skills you develop while studying philosophy, such as critical thinking, reasoning, communication, and open-mindedness, are valuable and useful in any career. As such, philosophy majors can fare well in just about any field. Many choose to go on to law, medical, or business school, or to a seminary, and use what they learned as an undergraduate to support their studies.

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