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It takes a certain sort of person to see the beauty in the mundane. There's no better way to stretch your creativity and explore the world around you by opting for a painting major. Throughout the program you choose, you'll explore the sophisticated and elaborate process of painting from several different perspectives. Additionally, you'll master useful techniques and skills like composition and mixture.

Majoring in painting will prepare you to more effectively express emotions and ideas on a canvas. Most programs have been designed to provide you with detailed instruction through courses covering surface preparation, color mixing, and personal style development.

Your degree doesn't necessarily determine your career. Because a major in painting requires creativity and perseverance, you'll have some skills coveted by many employers. You can use what you've learned in school to start your career as a professor, cartoonist, advertising artist, art teacher, creative director, critic, fine artist, illustrator, or even a technical illustrator. As long as you're willing to investigate and experiment, career opportunities will be there.  

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