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We're land-dwelling creatures. To most of us, the ocean is complex and somewhat mysterious. But more professionals are needed to understand the sea?s resources and full potential. If you think you can answer some of these complex questions, consider majoring in ocean engineering.

This program will prepare you to apply scientific and mathematical principles to the development, design and evaluation of various systems. You'll learn to control, manipulate and control environments like flood control systems, tide and current warning systems. You'll also gain valuable knowledge about the planning and design of overall systems that function underwater. This means you will be able to analyze the engineering problems of water and its properties on people and physical systems. In time you'll learn about thermal dynamics and the preservation of resources found mainly within oceans.

Once you've graduated, you will truly realize the career options available are not as restrictive as it may seem. You could end up working for the government, private sector, or even nonprofit development groups.

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