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Like eating healthy and encouraging others to do the same? Majoring in nutrition sciences may allow you to find a career that's perfect for your passion. A nutrition science major studies food, nutrition, how the body converts food to energy, and bodily needs during the different stages of life.

As a nutrition sciences student, you'll receive instruction in the composition and chemistry of food and how it affects the body throughout life. Most importantly, you'll learn how the choices we make with food impact our health.

After graduating, most students go on to work as nutritionists. This will typically require you to complete an internship and take a licensing exam. The Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) certification meets the licensing requirement of many states. If a career as a dietitian doesn't appeal to you, your degree can also be used to work as a health educator, nutritionist, or health advisor. You may even work in other fields like education, journalism, or agriculture.

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