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About the Music Performance Major

Instrumentalists or vocalists who are serious about making a career out of performing can choose to major in music performance. Music performance majors are masters of their craft and have a true passion for making music. If that sounds like you, then maybe this major is the one you're looking for!

Before they can even be accepted into their degree program, students pursuing a music performance major are almost always required to audition with their prospective school, so plan accordingly if you're interested in this path. Once accepted, however, you'll begin a challenging and rewarding exploration of your musical talents. If it's not already, be prepared to make your instrument or voice your best friend, because you're going to spend a lot of time working with it. Courses involve recital classes, private lessons, many hours of required private practice, and performances as members of ensembles. Students also have opportunities to showcase their talents and what they've learned through solo performances in recitals and with ensembles. 

You won't be playing your instrument or singing for every class though. Students also take traditional classroom courses that explore music theory and concepts like structure and form, history, genres and cultures, composition, conducting, aural and vocal skills, teaching, literature, and even language. Many programs conclude with a senior project, often involving a large-scale composition and/or performance.

Students graduate prepared to confidently perform with professional ensembles, bands, orchestras, and other musical organizations, including military bands.
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