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Logic. Puzzles. Space. Structure. Change. The field of mathematics involves more than just numbers. Mathematics teacher education majors learn about not only the many facets of mathematics, but also how to pass that knowledge along to students in fun, interesting, and engaging ways.

If you choose to pursue a degree in mathematics teacher education, you will take a number of mathematics courses to give you a solid foundation in the subject you will be teaching in your career. Other courses you'll take are designed to help you teach at various grade levels, such as curriculum development and instructional methods. Some courses require you to observe, interview, or engage with current teachers and/or students of the age and subject area you are studying. Most programs conclude with a student teaching practicum, in which mathematics teacher education majors engage in fieldwork, functioning as a classroom teacher.

Students who graduate with a mathematics teacher education degree generally work in the field of teaching; however, other career opportunities are available in fields such as accounting, statistics, research, and analysis. Graduate school opportunities also exist in the areas of mathematics teacher education, educational administration, and other closely related areas.

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