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About the Management Information Systems Major

Every business needs technology to sustain their organization, but they also need people and resources to serve their customers. A management information systems (MIS) professional helps an organization realize their value by efficiently bringing together people, technology, equipment, and businesses processes. If you have a love of technology, are people-oriented, and excel at efficiency, a management information systems degree could be the perfect choice for you. 

Management information systems professionals work in many areas of corporate life, including education, healthcare, government, ecommerce, and business. As an MIS professional, you may create the database a hospital uses to track prescriptions, you may manage the database a school uses to track student grades, or you may even implement a new security system for your organization. 

The management information systems program is based in math, management, and technology. You will receive training in HTML, JavaScript, statistics, accounting, macroeconomics, and calculus. You will also work in the lab with various hardware (computers, file servers, teleconferencing equipment), programs (Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Siebel Server Sync, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services), and languages (C++, Ruby On Rails, SQL). You can also expect to work on projects as a team and as an individual for business and industry.

Management information systems isn't just about technology, software, and computers. Another key part of MIS is people. Therefore, the MIS professional must excel at several different qualities, including teamwork, leadership, management, business, customer service, and technology.
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