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Have you ever considered law school? Many people choose to go on to get a law degree after they've completed a bachelor's program, and it you're a strong communicator and expert researcher, this may be a path you'd like to consider.

You'll need to score well on the LSAT before being accepted to law school, but you don't need any specific major. Whether your undergraduate degree was in political science, geology, communication, or math, there's no reason you can't find a law school if you're motivated and interested in this career path.

While you'll begin your law studies with general courses like constitutional law, ethics, and evidence, you'll be able to take more specialized classes as you progress and decide what type of law you'd like to pursue. Criminal law, real estate law, health law, family law, and entertainment law are just a few of the myriad specialties you'll be able to choose from.


Our legal system affects every aspect of our society, and that's why there are plenty of opportunities for lawyers to make a living. Aside from working as lawyers, some law majors become elected officials, judges, or work for public interest groups.

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