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About the Kinesiology and Exercise Science Major

Students with a passion for human health and exercise might enjoy pursuing a major in kinesiology and exercise science. Kinesiology and exercise science students study human movement and how the body responds and adapts to physical activity, health, exercise, and sports.

Graduates will be prepared for employment as exercise, rehabilitation, recreational, educational, or athletic professionals, or for further graduate study in physical or occupational therapy, exercise or sports physiology, or sports medicine.

Kinesiology and exercise science majors explore human movement through a diverse range of studies in the biological, psychological, physical, and social sciences, including health, exercise science, physical education, health and nutrition, exercise and health psychology, anatomy, physiology, motor behavior, and biomechanics. Students can expect to learn about these topics within a traditional classroom; however, due to the nature of the major, kinesiology and exercise science programs often require exposure to a variety of physical and recreational activities outside of the classroom, allowing students to enhance their overall health and well-being. Field work is sometimes required of students in this program, allowing them to gain hands-on, real-world experience in their chosen career field.

Students in this major typically pursue an associate's or bachelor's degree; however, for career goals such as a physical or occupational therapist, an advanced degree may be required. Some programs allow students to curb their education toward their career goals by choosing a concentration or degree track, for example Physical Education Teacher Education, Athletic Training, Public Health, or Sport Management. Those interested in pursuing graduate study to become a physical or occupational therapist might consider a Pre-Health Professions track.
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