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About the International Business/Trade/Commerce Major

Trends in globalization have created a need for college graduates with knowledge of international markets. Because of rapidly growing economies in Asia, Latin America, and Europe, international commerce is increasingly necessary and lucrative. Those who find success in this specialty need to have business and cultural smarts. Students interested in international commerce as a career might consider pursuing a degree in international business.

International business majors learn how business is conducted in other countries, becoming well-versed in foreign affairs by developing an understanding of currencies and exchange rates, trade agreements, and the cross-cultural environment. Classes specific to international business often include global trade and policy analysis, government relations, international finance, international accounting, and global economy.

International business students are typically encouraged, if not required, to take classes in a foreign language of their choice. Fluency in one or more foreign languages is highly valued since it's necessary to communicate and interact effectively with customers and clients overseas. Students usually pick a language based on their interests and the geographic area they would like to work; Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic are all common choices.

Graduates from international business degree programs are prepared to enter careers at multinational corporations, international organizations, the government, and other private and public businesses that do business with other countries. Banks, accounting firms, airlines, retail companies, and manufactures are among the many employers that hire international business majors.

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