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About the Information Technology Major

Do you like the idea of learning about the latest computer and internet technologies? Information technology (IT) majors study just that, and furthermore, they discover how to take that knowledge and use it to help businesses and organizations function optimally. The information technology major both overlaps with and complements the computer science major. While computer science courses generally involve the fundamentals, principles, and theoretical aspects of computer systems, information technology courses focus on the practical aspects of design, deployment, integration, and management of those computer systems.

During their studies, information technology majors have tons of exposure to computer and network systems. They become fluent in the use of computer hardware and software, the life cycles of systems development, and the application of information systems. They also learn how to analyze problems within organizations and offer solutions to both fix those problems and to create, sustain, and advance performance.

Information technology majors graduate prepared for a wide variety of positions, which often involve setting up, utilizing, and troubleshooting computer and network systems and finding ways to improve them.

Most information technology majors have a bachelor's degree; however, there are many positions available for those with an associate's degree or professional certification. Some information technology programs offer a concentration or track that allows students to focus their studies on either software/computer development or network development.
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