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Illustration doesn?t only refer to sketching. Though it certainly includes drawing, illustration majors learn quickly that the term can cover anything from fashion to cartooning. Overall, this major focuses on the ability to communicate ideas through the use of images. If your artistic talents lie in this area, consider becoming an illustration major.

Students of illustration find the curriculum includes drawing, animation, photography, art history, graphic design, print-making, and film. Illustration programs help students develop their artistic and technical skills. Courses generally take place in a regular classroom setting, though courses that include specialized instruction, such as photography, take place in labs that have the corresponding equipment. A Bachelor's degree is usually required for a career in this field, and many illustrators focus on one specialized area while earning their degree.

After graduation, illustration majors find that career opportunities exist in a number of areas, including the motion picture and video industries, computer systems design and related service areas, software publishing, advertising, and public relations. Illustrators can work in print media, on commercial products, or as freelance artists. Medical and science illustrators have a wide variety of career options as well, though a background or training in the medical or scientific fields is required.
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