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We must study the past to learn from our successes and failures. Becoming a history teacher allows you to help future generations learn from the mistakes and triumphs of the past while working toward a better future.

History is about so much more than memorizing dates! You'll learn about specific historical periods, world cultures, government, and civic ideas which you can then use to teach your students. You'll also receive instruction in teaching theories, educational psychology, and educational pedagogy so you can be the most effective and influential teacher possible.

While most courses take place inside the classroom, most schools require seniors to complete a student teaching practicum. This requires you to function as a classroom teacher for several months while under the supervision of a licensed professional.

History teacher education majors typically work as - you guessed it - history teachers. Many work in high schools, but some do teach K-8. However, others choose to go into other fields and work for nonprofits, museums, or the government.  
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