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Health/medical psychology looks at how health, illness, and recovery are all affected by physical, behavioral, and social conditions. Majoring in health/medical psychology is the ideal degree for those who want to understand the mind and how it plays a role in our overall health.

The curriculum of a health/medical psychology program includes instruction in a number of areas. Classes might include instruction on abnormal psychology, social psychology, psychophysiology, clinical and behavioral therapies, clinical procedures and assessment, preventive education, and rehabilitation processes. Most programs require students complete field research in a school, hospital, rehabilitation facility, or social services office.

Most health/medical psychology programs are offered at the master's or doctorate level. A number of career opportunities exist for students who graduate with this advanced degree. Graduates sometimes work as community health educators, health treatment coordinators, or psychological researchers. Others find open positions include rehabilitation centers, nonprofit organizations, medical centers, or universities.

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