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Geography is much more than memorizing capitals and looking at maps. The variety you'll get when majoring in geography is unparalleled. Do you want to learn about urban planning? Soils and vegetation? Energy resources? Cartography? How people relate to their environment? This major combines them all - and much more.

There aren't many subjects geology doesn't touch on. Programs are designed to primarily focus on the systematic study of natural resources, plant and animal life, and interrelationships of people. The major provides detailed instructions in cultural geography, political geography, regional science, remote sensing, and cartographic methods. You'll be able to use this information in areas like development studies, land-use planning and analysis of specific resources, regions, and countries.

One of the best things about the major is that it gives you the opportunity to specialize in specific fields that interest you the most. Once you?ve completed your major, it will be easier to find employment as a geographer, postsecondary teacher, urban and regional planner, or even as a civil engineer.

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