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About the Game and Interactive Media Design Major

The video game industry is both a serious and entertaining business. In 2009, the video game industry had sales of over $10 billion. But for most of the folks in this industry, it's more about their passion than the numbers. Many people who work on video games enjoy playing games in their free time, and working in the industry provides them with the opportunity to interact with others who share their interests.

If you're interested in majoring in game and interactive media design, you'll learn how to make a profession out of a hobby. Video game designers are involved in a video game's full creation, from concept to end product, and beyond.

Game design programs contain a combination of courses in art, computer science, math, and even the humanities. Foundation courses include drawing, animation, composition, math, physics, and computer science. To provide a well-rounded education, students may also be required to take business and humanities courses. Major-specific courses require students to dive deep into the world of game design and development, including the history and theory behind game design, graphics and animation, artificial intelligence, 2D and 3D design, programming and scripting, and environmental and character design. Students in this major will develop their creativity, communication, and team working abilities in order to succeed in the industry after graduation. 

Students majoring in game and interactive media design usually pursue a bachelor's degree. Programs are often available with two types of options or concentrations: the artistic track, or the computer science and programming track. The artistic track emphasizes the more creative side of game development -- the game ideas, stories, style, characters, etc. The computer science and programming track emphasizes the more technical side of game development -- the specific computer code and programming types that are required to turn the designer's ideas into a reality. General programs are also available to those who wish to study both options equally.
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