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About the Forensic Science and Technology Major

A crime has just occurred and you have been called in to do your job. You walk through the crime scene to collect and evaluate evidence, take notes on your observations and findings, and catalog and preserve the evidence for further evaluation at the crime lab. In the lab, you perform in-depth analysis on the evidence you gathered and explore links between suspects and criminal activity. Does that sound like an interesting job to you? Those are the typical job duties of a forensic science technician.

Forensic science is a field where the natural sciences and criminal justice come together. As a forensic science major, you'll take courses in biology, chemistry, anthropology, mathematics, and criminal justice. Courses will help you think critically, become more analytical, and prepare for research and laboratory work. Programs often require field work experience. Graduates can find work in police departments, crime laboratories, morgues, and medical examiner and coroner offices. Many students interested in becoming forensic science technicians go on to pursue a master's degree.

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