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As we compete more and more on a global scale, being bilingual increases in importance. Understanding other cultures and their languages not only makes us more culturally aware, but it makes us grow as individuals. As a foreign language teacher education major, you can help your students achieve more academically and compete more aptly on the global scale.

As a foreign language teacher education major, you will study the foundations of language acquisition. You will take multiple courses in the language they wish to teach in order to become fluent in it and have a thorough understanding of it. In addition, you will gain knowledge in general teaching pedagogy, as well as specific methods for teaching languages.

Foreign language teachers might work at any grade level K-12 or at the post-secondary level. Courses are generally held in a typical classroom setting, though study abroad programs are available with many universities. Foreign language teacher education majors generally work as foreign language teachers, though other career opportunities exist in a variety of areas. Graduate school opportunities also exist in the areas of foreign language teacher education and other closely related areas.

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