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Have you ever wondered whether some days-old leftovers are still safe to eat or what all the ingredients in a packaged item really are? These are the types of questions people majoring in food science have to ask daily.

Food science programs prepares you with the skills needed to understand the applications of chemical, physical, and biological principles necessary to convert biological products into foods. The major covers an elaborate range of topics and provides detailed instructions in human physiology, food chemistry, agricultural sciences, food additives, packaging, nutrition, and all other aspects related to human health and safety including pathology and toxicology. You'll even learn more about processing, preparation, and food transportation.

Considering the diversity of the program, it is safe to say that you will have plenty of career opportunities to choose from. The science-related subjects found within the program give you the opportunity to use your knowledge and skills in other industries not related to food. You can easily find employment as an industrial production manager, biological scientist, dietetic technician, agricultural and food scientist, and even as a chemist.
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