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About the Fine Arts Major

Creative artists find innumerable ways to express themselves when they become fine arts majors. In the major, students might choose to study more traditional fine arts, such as drawing, painting, or sculpture; more contemporary fine arts, such as textiles, photography, ceramics, or digital or graphic art; or a unique combination of the two.

Though education beyond high school is rarely required for a career in fine arts, artists may not have developed their skills enough to be successful without further education. Formal training is available at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels. Courses take place in a number of settings and vary greatly depending upon the type of course taught; however, each classroom is appropriate for the subject matter. For example, a photography class would have access to a darkroom, a class in painting would likely occur in a studio, and a class in digital or graphic art might take place in a computer lab.

Whatever area of fine arts students choose to study, they will take a variety of art-related courses that delve deep into their chosen areas. Students may choose to take more courses in an area in which they feel they are most confident or most skilled in order to further hone their craft, or they may take more courses in areas they want more experience with in order to expand their skillset. Coursework also involves learning how to create a portfolio, maintaining equipment, and even studio management.

It goes without saying that fine arts majors need to be naturally creative and talented in order to be successful. In addition, professors and students often critique one another's work as part of the learning process, so a very important trait of the fine arts major is the ability to give and receive feedback, both positive and negative.

Aside from a career as a fine artist, career opportunities also exist at many different types of organizations, including schools, museums, newspapers, colleges, motion picture/video production companies, advertising agencies, and public relations firms.
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