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Finance majors learn everything there is to know about managing money and gain a well-rounded understanding of financial decisions that affect business, government, and personal investments. A finance degree program provides a solid foundation for aspiring Wall Streeters, and other possible areas include corporate and personal finance, investment, wealth management, consulting, banking, and other financial services.

Students learn about how money works, including stocks, bonds, markets, and other information that allows them to determine the best advice to give for individuals and businesses about their finances. They'll also develop the analytical skills necessary to advise others in making smart investment decisions, managing funds and budgets, and monitoring important financial markets and economies.  Finance professionals must also deal with uncertainty and ambiguity, so finance course work will prepare students to identify and respond to both.

Finance majors are prepared for career opportunities related to money management and other areas of business administration in a variety of industries, such as finance, information technology, law, education, and nonprofits. Many decide to pursue a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) to further expand their opportunities in leadership and executive positions.  

Since finance is such a broad field of study, nothing will prepare you for the real-life situations you'll encounter like an internship can. Finance students typically find internships in accounting, investment, financial advising, stock brokerage, or hedge fund management. Finance has many different career paths, so it will be crucial to figure out which area of the field you'd like to enter after graduating. It's not uncommon that students find themselves changing their plans; however, once you complete an internship or two, you'll have an edge over the competition!

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