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Do you have an artistic streak and want to use that talent in an exciting industry? Consider majoring in film/video and photographic art, which will allow you to get involved in some of the most coveted industries while using your artsy side.

Majoring in film/video and photographic art gives you the chance to study so many things. From filmmaking to budgeting, scripting, storyboarding, editing, and the history and theory of film, there are endless topics you'll touch on. Your classes will be split between lecture halls, discussion groups, and studio time to give you hands-on practice.

After you've learned the essentials of film/video and photographic art, you'll be able to find work in several industries. Some students work as editors, directors, producers, photographers, or camera operators. Jobs can be competitive, so students are encouraged to take on internships that may give them valuable contacts and references in addition to practical experience.

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