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Majoring in engineering science allows students to combine their love of biology, mathematics, engineering, and other scientific fields and turn these interest into a career. Unlike a general engineering major, engineering science majors receive a more interdisciplinary education and learn to apply different principles and topics within the math and science fields

Engineering science majors tackle problems and come up with solutions based on their knowledge of biology, chemistry, the earth, computer applications, and more. This major is a perfect choice for students who have an interest in pursuing careers in green technology, energy systems, or solar energy engineering. Some even go on to become consultants for large corporations or government agencies. With the focus on environmentally friendly products and services these days, engineering science students shouldn?t struggle to find a job after graduation.

During their course of study, students will study mathematics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and possibly even environmental science. While a bachelor's degree can help you launch your career, further study and a master?s degree may help boost your chances of finding a highly coveted position within the industry.

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