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Were you the type of kid who was always taking things apart and putting them back together? If this is still an interest of yours, majoring in engineering mechanics may be the perfect fit. You'll be able to design machines and engines, understanding exactly how they work without pulling them apart.

Engineering mechanics students learning more about statics, dynamics, kinetics, space mechanics, and electromagnetism. Mechanics is the study of the varying forces that exert on bodies and the motion that those bodies then experience; thus, engineering mechanics has its roots in physics and mathematics, and forms the basis of all the various mechanical sciences.

Courses will teach you to solve mechanical problems by applying your knowledge of engineering mechanics in integration with scientific, mathematical, and engineering principles.

Like all engineering majors, engineering mechanics majors have plenty of job prospects. You could end up working in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, software, or manufacturing industries as a research, civil, or mechanical engineer.

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