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The field of emergency room/trauma nursing can be exciting and rewarding. Life in the ER can be chaos and it takes a very organized emergency room nurse to meet the challenge.

What does it take to work as an emergency room nurse? You need a bachelor's degree in nursing and RN certification, along with several years of nursing experience before you can apply to an emergency room/trauma nursing master's program.

You can expect some topics familiar because of your nursing background and to study more advanced topics such as advanced physiology/pathophysiology, advanced pharmacology, and genetics. You will also learn the critical skills needed to become an emergency room nurse. Aside from classroom work, you'll take part in clinical practice at emergency rooms and urgent care clinics.

As you near the end of your studies, you should pursue certification as a certified emergency nurse (CEN). Certification will give you a professional distinction that will set you apart from other graduates.
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