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Some people were born to be teachers. If you're one of those individuals who loves helping others learn something new, providing support, and mentoring others, majoring in elementary education and teaching may be the best option for your college career.

As an elementary education and teaching major, you'll prepare to teach students ranging in age from kindergarten to eighth grade, depending upon school districts and state regulations. Classes will teach you more about teaching strategies, classroom management techniques, and the psychology and development of elementary-aged children.

Many of your courses will take place in a traditional classroom setting, but you'll also spend time observing certified teachers and engaging with students on your own. Most programs conclude with a student teaching practicum, in which you'll engage in fieldwork and act as classroom teacher for several weeks or months.  

Students who major in elementary education typically wind up teaching in local elementary schools. However, there may be opportunities to work in educational administration or management, particularly if you obtain an advanced degree.

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