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Nutrition is the foundation of human life. A dietitian helps people stay healthy by helping them develop better eating habits. But dietetics isn't just about food; it's rooted in science.

In college, dietetics majors can expect a blend of traditional classroom instruction, kitchen lab work, and field training. Food and nutrition sciences, business, economics, computer science, culinary arts, sociology, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, anatomy, and chemistry are just a few of the challenging and exciting courses you'll encounter. Some colleges allow you to complete an internship, which will give you the chance to gain real-world experience.

Whether you end up working in a hospital, school system, rehabilitation facility, or a private practice, your work will be varied - you'll never be bored! Your days will be spent developing meal plans, consulting with medical staff, educating patients, supervising food purchases or preparation, and writing reports.

Once you've completed your degree and supervised field training, you'll be eligible to sit a licensing exam. Each state has different requirements for dietitians. Some states require licensing before one can work as a dietitian, while others only require registration.

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