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People change as they age. Developmental and child psychology majors are responsible for understanding the changes we undergo as we grow up and become adults. This major is ideal for those who love the idea of working with children and teens and want to better understand the workings of young minds.

Students majoring in developmental and child psychology find themselves learning about the various facets of development. These include cognitive and perceptual development, emotional development, personality development, biological maturation on behavior, theories of cognitive growth, testing and assessment methods, and the psychology of aging.

You'll take classes in these subjects in various settings - some will take place in a traditional classroom, while some may require clinical observation, lab work, or interviews. After graduating, you'll find career opportunities in educational institutions, community health organizations, learning centers, or government or private research centers. Returning to school for a master's degree or doctorate will increase the number of job opportunities available to developmental and child psychology majors.  
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