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Do you dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer one day? Ever wonder what it takes to follow in the footsteps of your favorite music video choreographer? If you're considering a career in dance, choose to enhance your artistry and intellectual growth by pursuing it as a college major. In addition to a liberal arts curriculum, dance majors explore a variety of forms and styles, including ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, swing, and tap. Choreography, dance history, music, composition and theory, and kinesiology are among the many topics that dance students explore to gain an in-depth understanding of the body in motion. Your strength, flexibility, endurance, and creativity will be put to the test in studio classes and performance opportunities. 

Graduates of dance programs are prepared to pursue career opportunities in performance and choreography. While the competition can be heavy for careers in performance, graduates can also pursue opportunities in education, dance therapy, fitness, dance writing, and performing arts administration. 

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