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About the Criminology Major

If you're more interested in the social and psychological sides of the criminal justice field, you might consider majoring in criminology. Criminology is an interdisciplinary major that not only explores the criminal justice system, but also why people commit crime, how crime rates vary geographically and historically, and society's response to crime. Students with this major graduate prepared for a career in criminal investigation, forensics, psychology, or sociology, or for graduate study in criminal justice, psychology, or sociology.

Criminology majors will take courses that explore the reasons that crime is committed, how crimes are committed and controlled by society and the justice system, problems within society as a whole, and many other related areas. Many criminology programs also include a curriculum or courses in criminal justice, the study of all that's involved in criminal proceedings, including law enforcement, corrections, and courts.

Students often have the opportunity to participate in internships or field work with criminal justice agencies or similar organizations to gain valuable, firsthand experience in the field.

Students who desire a career in the more practical side of the criminal justice field, such as criminal investigation or law enforcement, usually pursue an associate's or bachelor's degree. Those who are more interested in the sociological side of the criminal justice field will have better career options with a master's degree.

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