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Cooking is such a rewarding activity - you put hard work into manipulating ingredients so they turn into a delicious dish. If your passion is in the kitchen, majoring in cooking and related culinary arts could allow you start an exciting career as a chef.

As a cooking and related culinary arts major, you'll learn the art of cooking and how to properly run a kitchen. Program curriculum generally includes instruction in banquets and catering, food science, food service sanitation, foundations of baking, menu planning, nutrition, purchasing, professional cooking, and restaurant management. Though a few courses may meet in a typical classroom, most classes will take place in a kitchen setting, where the tools of the trade are readily available and you'll get hands-on experience.

Depending upon your interests, earning a certificate or degree in cooking and related culinary arts can open a number of career opportunities. Graduates can find positions as chefs, dieticians, nutritionists, food service managers, and health educators. Other areas of opportunities include working in an institution or cafeteria, restaurant, or as a private chef. Depending on how ambitious you are, you could  end up working as a head cook, chef, or food service manager after you've gained some experience.
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