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About the Computer Science Major

Love computers and technology? Want to know exactly how your favorite programs, applications, and games work? You might want to consider becoming a computer science major.

The computer science major encompasses the study of the theoretical and technical fundamentals of the computing discipline. These fundamentals include programming, logic and math, and computer systems. Students will graduate prepared for a vast array of careers in the computer science industry, such as a software developer, web developer, computer programmer, and many others.

Computer science majors spend a lot of their time in front of the computer screen. In the classroom, they study the physical components of computers and other electronic technology that power computers and networks. They also study mathematical structures and logic that make these components possible, including algorithms, programming languages and methodologies, and the theories of computation. As such, a number of intensive math courses are usually required. Developing strong programming skills is essential to being a successful computer science major.

Some programs go above and beyond to also look at the social impact of computer technology. Computer science programs often end with a senior or capstone project in which students work together to design, code, test, and document a software project.

Most computer science majors have a bachelor's degree or a master's degree. Because computer science is a relatively broad field, sometimes schools will offer concentrations or certificate programs within their computer science program to allow you to focus a little more energy into learning more about one specific element of the field.
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