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About the Computer Graphics Major

Are you a little bit artsy and a little bit techy? The computer graphics major might be just what you're looking for. It combines the creativity of the art world with the technicality of the computer science world to create a major that prepares students for careers in creating and managing digital content within a wide range of industries. Computer graphics majors learn the basics of graphic design, web design, multimedia animation, and photography.

As with the majority of majors in the computer and information sciences area of study, computer graphics majors will spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. In a typical program, students are exposed to a variety of software programs that will allow them to create and modify various digital media, such as Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign, PhotoShop, and Final Cut Pro. They will also use computer equipment and software to work with print and copy, technical graphics, sound, animation, web design, and DVD/CD publishing. Students may also study a number of different communications technologies, reproduction choices, printing methods, photography applications, electronic and desktop publishing, presswork, screen printing, and other non-print communications. 

As their education progresses, computer graphics majors work on putting together a portfolio to use after graduation. A portfolio is a collection of work you've done that showcases your talents and skills. Not only will a portfolio come in handy when applying for jobs, but it will also serve as a record of all the amazing work you do throughout your career.

Students will graduate with a set of skills and a portfolio of work that will allow them to get a job in a wide range of industries, such as a multimedia artist, web designer, graphic developer, photographer, or video production editor.

Most career paths for this major usually require a bachelor's degree, in addition to strong technical skills. For more creative careers, such as a multimedia artist or a graphic designer, employers are often more concerned about the quality of an applicant's portfolio; therefore, it is important to focus on developing a strong portfolio throughout your education.
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